One of a Kind Pieces by Niibidoon



Aaniin! Nenookaasi indizhinikaaz, ma’iingan indoodem, gaa-waabaabiganikaag indoonjibaa. Miigwech for checking out my online shop!
In 2018 my mom and a friend of mine showed me how to make birchbark earrings, then how to bead on them. I instantly fell in love. Then in 2019 I started experimenting more, moving out of my comfort zone. I found a porcupine on the side of the road (roadkill) and took it home. I watched some videos and asked some community members how to harvest the quills then I got to work. Everything I’ve learned has been because people have shared their knowledge with me. I also love seeing what others come up with. I have such an appreciation for art because I know the talent, love, and knowledge that goes into every piece.


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White Earth, MN

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